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  1. No, that made no change. Leaving the size at large does help a little, but the "Snap to edges" and "All layers" text still have the jaggies. I do remember seeing this once when macOS Mojave came out a year ago and there was an app with the same issue (might have been Visual Studio Code). It was optimized for 4K screens but looked terrible on 2K screens. They fixed it after a few weeks. Had something to do with the font anti-aliasing setup. I'm guessing that's what's happening here.
  2. I recently decided to try Affinity Photo after Photoshop CS6 stopped working in macOS Catalina. However, the application's UI size on normal large monitors (2560x1440) is a literal pain to look at because the fonts are blurry and tiny. No other UI I have on my mac is like this. The screenshots below show the difference between Photoshop CS6 and Sketch app, which have UIs that work well, and Affinity Photo, which has a UI that's blurry and hurts my eyes to look at. Is there any way to adjust Affinity Photo's UI to either make the fonts bigger or at least smooth them out so they're not grainy/blurry? PS CS6 Preference window: Sketch Preference window: Affinity Photo Preference window: PS CS6 app UI: Sketch app UI: Affinity Photo app UI (notice how grainy/blurry "Snap to edges" and "All layers" are):

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