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    "Apply Transform"

    Thank you! (Dankjewel). I wouldn't have been able to figure that out without your help.
  2. After I rotated an object, the handles for scaling are rotated too. In many situations, this is very handy. (Thanks!) But in this instance, I would like to squeeze the object exactly vertically, not along the rotated axes. Is there a way to 'apply' or 'bake' the rotation into the rotated object?
  3. Thanks, that helps indeed a lot!
  4. I am creating a series of 30 icons that share the same perspective and therefore use the same grid. (Affinity works amazingly efficiant for this! Much faster then the Illustrator. ) I have created a 'grid' preset. Now, how can I automatically apply a grid preset for every new artboard I make within the same document? and/or,... how can I create multiple artboards with the same size and grid-preset in once? Thanks!

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