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  1. I remember this, because basically every software had issue with this Mac version. IMHO if all the softwares worked with an older version you should look into downgrading. Hope it works out for you.
  2. Not too sure but I believe the problem lies with the editing programs such as illustrator, photoshop and of course by extension the affinity suite as well. Is your other programs wont work under a downgraded version of mac OS? seems a bit odd.
  3. As the title suggests, I would love to see a guest host that creates different things using the adobe product on stream. It would be cool to see.
  4. Hey there - I was wondering where can I find the iPhone vector "mockup". Thanks for the helpers in advance.
  5. I don't think there are bootstrap resources. I'm not too sure but I don't think Affinity CS really supports it.
  6. As the title suggests, when trying to export a large file/artboard the export function just not working(or extremely slow, never checked how long if it is). any idea for a solution?
  7. Hey guys, as the title suggests, when I'm using the selection tool on the pixel persona and use the snap to edge it selects all of the artboards. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?
  8. My comment isn’t something I just made up, I saw it on the affinity twitter and they were saying it’s affecting all softwares so...
  9. There is a known problem with all the software, not only affinity. Its supposed to be a problem that apple needs to fix. adobe software doesn't work as well. check the forum for more updates on the matter as I am not an expert on MacOS.
  10. I intend on buying AD, I really like it. Can you send me the feature list for 1.8? BTW it seems kinda weird that I saw a video saying it was a 1.7 feature. Is that just for AP?
  11. Hey there, Im currently using the AD free trial and would like to know if you need to upgrade to get the stock panel option? Thanks for the helpers in advance.
  12. Hey there, I was wondering if you could select an object without marking the whole object, like illustrator. Thanks for the helpers in advance.
  13. Its an old habit from AI so I would like to keep it. but it not a deal breaker so I guess ill just adapt. Thanks.
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