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  1. Hello How can I save a copyright mention to be able to add it to each photo faster than retyping it every time.
  2. Hello On the raw files of my Lumix TZ100, I can improve the image with more details and less noise, but when I develop it, the result is just as before the improvements on the raw file. ???
  3. Hello I'm starting with Affinity photo, after about 20 years on Photoshop and more recently View NX2 with my Nikon. I was hoping I would be able to do all my work (import/raw/tiff/jpg/pdf) on Affinity, but the raw images are displayed much too dark. About 2f/stops, with the same profile Adobe RVB, and the white balance picker is very capricious. So, I have still to work on my raw files on View NX2.
  4. I found the Epson scan file to re-install it, and I purchased Affinity photo. This solution, of saving the tiff file from the scan and then open it in Affinity is OK. Now, I have a lot of work to discover all Affinity. I've been working on Photoshop CS2 for years.
  5. Thanks for your answers. I'm on Windows 10. If we have to scan first, and then open the file in Affinity, it's not as fast as on "the other softwares", espacially when we have a lot of images to scan. Anyway, now I don't find anymore how to start the scanner software Epson Scan alone (without importing in my old Photoshop).
  6. Hello I'm testing Affinity photo and I don't find how to import images from my scanner. Can you confirm this function doesn't exist ?
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