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  1. Thank you for all the advice. I will explore some of the suggestions.
  2. Thank you for the feedback. Here is a screenshot from one of my projects. I design surveys and deal with groups of response bubbles that I need to place so that the center of each bubble is exactly on top of the intersect of the guides. This is a screenshot from Illustrator. And here is a screenshot from Designer. I can position an individual bubble perfectly over the guides. Designer shows me a red and green line when I have centered my object, which is exactly what I want to do. But when it comes to positioning a group of response bubbles I have to eyeball the positioning of my
  3. I'm moving from Illustrator and trying to figure out how to display the center of my object (circle or rectangle mostly). Is there a way to do that in affinity designer? I can see that I can easily position an individual circle right on top of two perpendicular guides. But when I select multiple circles I cannot position them all 100% correct at the same time. I'm designing a survey form and my 'circles' are question 'bubbles'.
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