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  1. eheheh you are right! I usually do this manual work in Designer, group the page and copy it between documents. I thought you could do the same with Publisher. But I think I will continue to use the PDF flow as you have suggested to me too. Thanks!
  2. OK thank you. This is the workflow I have adopted. I was wondering if there was a way to copy / paste an entire page from one document to another. I am realizing that perhaps it is not possible
  3. Yes, thank you, this is the way I followed. I created a 32x45 page with cut marks and placed the exported pdf with bleed. Since this forced me to take an extra step (compared to copy / paste), I was wondering if there was a faster way to copy the entire page (with the text flowing in columns), from one document to another. Also because when I export my source document in PDF I always have to pay attention to the PDF encoding to use (now I'm using PDF / X-4), while doing a "simple" copy / paste action
  4. hello, thank you all! I expressed myself very badly and I have not given you the opportunity to understand what the problem is. If I take a 2-column document (created with master pages) and paste it into a new document, the "copy" command takes only the images, but not the text flowing in the 2 columns. Even if I select them by hand, the text is not copied. The question is, how can I copy the entire content of a page from one document to another?
  5. Hi! I have a pages with 2 columns. These columns are created in Master pages. Now I need to pick the single page (A4) from my document and drop they in another (32x45 cm) document that have registrations marks. In this 32x45 page I need to drop my A4 single page to make a correct imposition to double-sided printing. Now, If I pick my A4 page, I grab only pictures... no text, because it's flow in a masterpages columns. How to move my A4 page to 32x45 page to create an imposition print-ready documents? Thanks
  6. 1- If I click "c" key (crop) and want cancel this command, is so simple to do it, If I press "esc" key (instead I must get mouse go on top right and hit "cancel") 2- if I select "l" key (lazo) and select "line"option, is really fantastic if AP remember my choice (when restart too), instead must select every day, ever same lazo-feature 3- Please kill multiples "b" (brush) selection. "b" is for brush. Stop. (no hit recursively "b" key to select brush tool) 4- why, why, WHY, in quick mask mode, if I do a selection and hit "del" key, AP fill selection with black, even if bg color is white or black? Why?!?!? Stop for now, next ticket another excitants suggestions for you! (Hey boys, you make a great job whit Affinity Suite, I'm love and support you!)
  7. Ooohhhh Wonderfull!!!!! 2 axis custom (use with canvas/5) + crop tool overlay wowowowowo Now the switch from PS is a little less traumatic! Thanks to all!
  8. What I see is that I can set the grid size in pixels, but the grid will always be square rather than rectangular (like Facebook ads images) I cannot set different values between base and height. Now I solve by creating a vector grid in the Designer. I import it and fit in my artboard. But it's too time-expensive. But if exist a short way to do same result, I'll like any suggest Still with regard to adaptable grids, it would be good to create a predefined grid for the rule of thirds, the golden rule, and all the rules suitable for photographic cutting (a bit like what happens in lightroom)
  9. Hi, to check text dimensions for Facebook ads, is necessary use a % value in grid. In Photoshop is possibile set grid to 20% and it show a grid that have 5 box in vertical and 5 box in horizontal. It be able me to check text dimensions that will not be occupy over 5 box (both horizontal and vertical). In Photo and Designer this isn't possible. Can you evaluate to release this feature? Thanks Daniele
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