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  1. Thanks, I solved the problem. The solution is described here:
  2. Here I also attached a short video illustrating the problem. VID_20191009_142528.mp4
  3. The problem appears with any b&w image. Not matter which I try. I also changed the color mode of my monitor to different settings (sRGB, Office, Photo, Video...). It doesn't make any difference. I don't work with a notebook and a second monitor. Just a desktop computer with one monitor.
  4. How can that be? In every other software the pictures look fine on the same monitor (GIMP, PS, LR; Power Point....)
  5. Thanks Callum. Should I provide the afpub file? Just as an attachment in this thread?
  6. Here you see on the left the original picture from the explorer folder. In the middle you see the picture how it appears after inserting it into a document.
  7. I just installed Affinity Publisher (10 day trial) on my windows 10 computer. When loading black and white images (jpg) into a document, they are displayed with a strong sepia tone. This is indepenend from the chosen color mode (RGB, CMYK, grayscale). Also the color panel on the right side is sepia. (see attachment) When exporting to pdf the resulting fine in some cases b&w sometimes also sepia (could not figure out what caused the different outcomes). Interestingly, I also installed Affinity Designer (test version) and had the same issue. Thanks for your help!

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