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  1. I’m exporting to JPEG and I don’t know what you mean by compression. I’m not familiar with anything other than basic basics and how to make and export my pages at full size. Could you help me with where to find ‘compression’ please.
  2. I use Affinity Photo for my digital scrapbooking. All pages are made 3600px x 3600px with 300 dpi. I need to resize that to, well, actually less than 450kb. I have been saving as resample: biliniar. Anytime I try to resize smaller than original it is pixilated and can’t be used for the purpose that I need it. Can someone please help? I really need to figure this out. Side note, I’d upload the original but I can’t because it is too big. Thanks so much!
  3. Yes, the issue with going to Dropbox through the app to retrieve what I need has gotten to be a problem pretty much every single time and it is taking a lot of backing out, closing the app, even have had to turn off/turn on my iPad to get everything to behave. I hope something changes soon or, unfortunately because I like Affinity Photo, I’ll have to look for something else.
  4. I have a couple of issues with Affinity Photo right now...one, it is sloooowww, two, I’m having problems retrieving anything from Dropbox (though it doesn’t happen every single time and yes, I’m signed in...yes, everything is all uploaded and ready to go), and also there is a weird bug that I’ll upload a photo for. Basically I get ‘ghost’ images of the different things I tap on in the layers studio. They don’t go away unless I close the app. I have an iPad Pro, A12X, 1TB
  5. My AP is crashing almost every time I try to do anything in it. I scrapbook with psd templates and jpg/png elements as well as jpg photos. How can I get some help with this?
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