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  1. I didnt unfortunately :/ I ended up mucking around with it and trying a bunch of things but never found a solution that worked.
  2. Thanks again for your continued help @Wosven however as much as I try I cant seem to manage to get the brush to space evenly at 4mm. Maybe I am just missing something... Did you manage to space them so they dont drift further and further apart? Is it because the / is angled that it stops the pattern from repeating consistently? Would it be easier if it was just a line with dots 4mm apart?
  3. Also @Wosven, after trying and trying i still havent managed to get it to work
  4. Thank you so much @Wosven Thats a good idea However I am having trouble importing the brush you attached for some reason - getting an 'unexpected brush format' error.
  5. Hi there, I have been teaching myself designer in order to create my own template/patterns for leatherworking (wallets etc), and am wanting to create some custom brushes to mark out stitching spacing along my stitch lines. Similar to what this reddit user has done here in illustrator. I started by taking the above users .ai file and opening it in photoshop. I am using the 4mm stitching line and thought I would try create a repeating brush by saving an 8mm section with two stitches as a png as below and importing it as a new 'textured intensity brush'. However I am having trouble getting it to conform to its original spacing of 4mm between each stitch. Is there an easy way to make it conform to 4mm spacing each time? Any ideas on what I am doing wrong? Thanks in advance
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