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  1. Yes that makes sense. I have rebooted back to factory settings , which is mid 2012 operating system. So that sounds right. im now installing newer operating systems Untill i get to the newest one i can get for it. thankyou, makes total sense now.
  2. First pic showing preview/thumbnail, second not. See the image size on both. this has happened after a reboot to factry settings on macbook pro mid 2012.
  3. Hi, i cannot preview some of my raw images from my camera. I have a nikon d7000, it previews ok on this. My other camera, nikon d3300, it just shows the AF logo.0
  4. Hi thanks for your reply, its something to do with icloud. I went back to it about an hour later and it was there where it should be. I think its more of a cloud setting issue myself.
  5. Hi, if i open a photo, edit it, then save it to a file on the desktop, although it says saving and appears to be saving, if i then go to the folder, the photo isnt there. is this something to do with icloud? Im on a macbook pro. any help appreciated.
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