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  1. Thank you very much Walt, worked a treat! My daughter is very happy as we are designing a new breakfast cereal for her school project. Stay well, regards Neil
  2. Hello When creating a text on path, the area underneath (in this case creating a half crescent shape) is filled with a solid white. Why is this, why not transparent like around the text and above? Have attached screenshot for reference, any help to make this area transparent much appreciated... Have added a 2nd photo with just a solid blue shape behind to show more clearly. Regards Neil
  3. In fact, if I don't rasterise the gradient doesn't show at all...
  4. Ok so: When you view the gradient.pdf that I had produced, did you see banding there, as well? No, it was smooth (For what its worth I have a 2018 iMac with a 5k screen) For PDFs I just use Apple's standard preview program Will try the non-rasterisation idea, but I believe I started with that and was corned that then my gradient would not be in CMYK, which it needs to be, as it is to be printed...
  5. Hi Lagarto Ok, so I exported your gradients.afpub as a PDF with the settings as attached and here is the result, still get a 'banding' effect. Appreciate your help on this... gradients - user nelly.pdf
  6. Just struggling to get a perfectly smooth gradient upon export as PDF. This is for a leaflet I am getting printed professionally. Smooth in edit and if saved as a JPEG. But causes 'lines' down the page as a PDF. Colour Format: CMYK/8 Colour Profile: Coated FOGRA39 (although Web Coated SWOP v2 and Generic give similar results) PDF settings attached along with samples of the issue. Urgent help much appreciated!
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