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  1. That workaround works, but it's still a workaround. Please fix this bug!
  2. Affinity Photo 1.8.3 macOS 10.15.4 See the attached video. I'm trying to export an image with a specific resolution, but the resulting export is one pixel off from what I entered. However, if I enter the other number (87 in this case), the export is the right size. Screen_recording.mp4
  3. See the attached video: the "Onboarding" artboard remains highlighted even though the selected later is in the "Main Menu" artboard. SelectionBug.mov
  4. Hey there! I have a lot of layers in some of my documents and occasionally find myself having to tap tap tap tap tap opening and closing groups of layers to find the layer I just selected. A button to show the layer in the hierarchy would probably save me a bunch of time! Perhaps there is already such feature? Adriaan
  5. Hey there! I use the tools in the Transform window and the tools in the Alignment window all the time, but I really dislike pressing the button that opens the Transform window in the hopes of it opening the right one upfront. This would be solved completely by having a seperate button for the alignment tools! Perhaps there is already a way to customize the buttons in the toolbar that I just haven't found yet? Adriaan
  6. Hey there! I have a pretty extensive hierarchy or artboards and layers and I get confused every time I move a layer from one artboard to another: the highlight in the Layers panel doesn't update after it. It just stays with the artboard the layer was previously part of.
  7. Perhaps an item on the todo list then? -> Revert to the same font when symbols don't exist? Anyway, thanks for the clarification and the swift response!
  8. I opened font book and found that Damascus is originally a font for Arabic. Perhaps this has something to with the iPad and macOS version of Designer resetting to different default fonts when the characters aren't available?
  9. Hey there! When switching between Affinity Designer on iPad and macOS, the font sizes change, and it's quite ugly! I'm using the Damascus font. Screenshots attached. Am I doing something wrong here?
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