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  1. Thanks all very much for the above info. Will check Hunspell. Otherwise will use British English. Microsoft Word does have an Australian English facility but this may not be supported in Affinity. However as spelling is basically the same it should not be too much of a problem. Problems could arise if Affinity does not recognise any words from Australian English (there are many) that I might be using. Re B5 books I want to know what the correct measurements are for B5 layouts in centimetres and millimetres, including margins and gutter so I can enter them in the Custom area. It would be great if Affinity included a B5 layout in the preset area.
  2. Hi All, It's great to see the different book sizes that can be chosen in the Affinity Publisher program, but I don't see one for B5. Am at present trialling a MacOSX desktop version of the program. Am based in Australia where B5 is used for some books and suits a book I am working on. Can you please advise if B5 can be included in the latest version of Affinity Pubisher, e.g. in the "Custom" area, and if so what the measurements, in centimetres and millimetres and for margins and gutters, are for this book size. Also do you contemplate brining out an "Australian English" version? The prospects of a real alternative to buying an expensive subscription to InDesign are very heartening. Thanks very much for all the work you've put int this development.
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