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  1. Heya there. I’ve been working on this huge project back in the ios12 days, and ever since I updated my iOS to 13, my designer started to crash every 10 minutes I spend working. I tried with a new document, and the same thing was happening. It just freezes up then kicks me out of it and I really need it to work properly . I tried to export as PSD. It crashed several times, then finally did not crash when I turned WiFi off. Designer was NEVER slow before. I use it mainly for vectors, but when I switched to pixels it just lagged and froze up. I posted this as a reply two days ago, waited for a moderator to approve of it, and I can see today that no one approved of any reply whatsoever. It’s getting frustrating and I need them PSD files, and I need to edit a lot . Any temporary fix on the PSD export? To illustrator maybe? Thank you.
  2. Hello there. I'm using affinity designer after updating to ipados 13. It has been crashing uncontrollably. I'm working on a huge project, all my files are there and every time I try to export it just doesn't load. Every few strokes followed by a crash. It's been way too stressful.

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