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  1. So, if AP wants to fight toe to toe with PS, why it doesn't have features that can make PS run for its money?
  2. And where is the context toolbar? I don't know much about the UI of AP. And aslo, as the OP from the topic you posted, this is a feature that AP SHOULD have implemented years a go. EDIT: Found it. Thank, you.
  3. I really like Affinity Photo, or better said, I really want to like it, but the Pen Tool for me is anything but frustrating. I don't know how to put this into words so I'm going to give the example of "How I would do this if I'm using PS". Problem: I can't trace a line. Photoshop Solution: Choose Pen tool -> Click the 2 points you want to trace -> Switch to Brush Tool -> Choose the brush you want to use -> Hit Enter Key -> Line was created. Question: How can I do this in Affinity Photo? Why I feel is so counter-intuitive? Thank you beforehand.
  4. Oh, I haven't thought about that. And I guess that solved the problem. Thank you.
  5. I just bought the affinity photo a day ago. And I was playing with it (I'm a newcomer in drawing and in affinity photo). The problem that I have is that when I'm using the brush tool and I just barely hover over the tablet (a HUION H420) the brush activates and let some pesky ink dots in my canvas. Now, maybe it could be the pen nib that is already a bit used. If someone had this problem before, please, tell me how to fix it because I find it annoying.
  6. Thanks for all the answers. I will see first with Designer, because there is more education about it and then I'm gonna go with photo to see if it can help me. The cool thing is that, like is 1 pay only I can own these 2 Softwares with no remorse.
  7. And what does everything means? which one is better? which application will help me create a 2d character easier?
  8. This doubt bugs me and thanks to this I don't know which app to buy for my game art asset learning journey. Why people do game art assets on A. Designer rather than A.Photo if A.Photo is the alternative for Photoshop and people use Photoshop to do game art assets. Am I missing something? can somebody explain to me, or please correct me if I am wrong. I am asking this question because I have seen many game art assets tutorials using A.Designer rather A. Photo.
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