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  1. Hi, I have some designs created to be used as input for another tool that only supports PSD files. I am creating these files in affinity designer 1.10.4. Using Designer Persona 100% What I don't want is to convert my designs to pixel, since I regularly modify them. Testing PSD export settings. preserve editability, preserve accuracy, and final cut, (default settings). The Final Cut pro option does not work for me because it rasterizes all the layers. Of the other two configurations I really do not notice much difference or what criteria to use to rasterize the layers, for example if I export with preserve editability, it rasterize fewer layers, but it randomly rasterizes some curves, but it is mostly the same. What I need is to have the specific control for each layer if it should be rasterized or not when exporting. In these layers it was exported exactly the same. <-> But in these other layers it changes the "container" layer, but I have no idea why, you can see in the image that it has a child layer. What is merged in the accuracy setting Thanks in advance. (The screenshots are taken after opening the psd files generated in affinity deseigner)
  2. Hello I am new to Affinity Designer, I am trying to export a small design to PNG format, but I don't know why it is not possible to export correctly. What I want is to export the interior outline of a group of rectangular figures, with an effect on the layer. I think I can easily do it by selecting all and changing the stroke, but I think it is another issue of the configuration. And I would like to know why this behavior has When I export and the outline is set to outside, it is exported correctly. Thank you PD: Im use AD
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