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  1. Owkey, i just tried some more and i think i'm getting there. I'm at the third step from the bottom. This is the file now. What do you mean with ''Removed the letter curves from the group and placed them above the white''? Literally drag the letters group above the SVG file we just added? If so then were can i find the fill mode option? Thanks again, grtz Warre empty logo white try out.afdesign
  2. Thanks for the help and quick response guys. I played with it for a while this weekend but still can't figure it out... Do i have to select something for closing the curve withe the Node tool? And how do i boolean the letters?
  3. hello i'm trying to design a logo for my scouts. We would like to print this logo on thirts and sweaters/hoodies. The problem i have is that the text needs to be transparent so it has the color of the tshirts. I looked it up and i came across the substract option but can't get it working. Is there somebody that can help me or explain it to me? I provided the document to make it a little clearer for you. (PS. Real noobie overhere) Grtz. Warre empty logo white try out.afdesign logo black.afdesign
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