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  1. j03b07

    PNG not exporting a group

    Ah! NVM I figured it out! It was hidden in slices by accident. Thank you so much for offering support!
  2. j03b07

    PNG not exporting a group

    Thank you for responding! I have attached the file. Whenever I export to PNG, it just comes out blank.
  3. Good morning! I am using Affinity designer on my iPad Pro and today, when exporting a file I have exported many times, one of my groups is not exporting at all. Everything is visible and I can’t figure out what’s wrong. I did at some point slice the area that is disappearing to export just that part of the image, but I have since deleted all slices and still having the issue. Any support would be appreciated. Thanks, Joe Update: So I did some experimenting and it seems that there is one group and one specific layer that keeps getting exported (happening with jpg as well). Any other layers I make visible do not export. If I create a new layer, it will show, but older layers will not export when I make them visible. Also tried copying the layers and pasting into a new file with no luck.

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