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  1. Ok, I may have figured out my issue. I am using two monitors. When I view the image on my second freestanding monitor, the color is off. But I just moved it onto my laptop screen adjacent to my image in Affinity and it is spot on. And I just printed it out and it is correct on the print. Sorry to waste your time, but it seems my old monitor is the culprit this time. Do you recommend I still use the preset you recommended in the future?
  2. I am using the CMYK colour profile on my document and for the export settings I am using the Preset PDF for Print(CMYK), Raster DPI:300, Area: Whole Document, Downsample images: Above DPI 450, Use DPI: 300, Allow JPEG compression Quality: 85, Compatability:PDF 1.7(Acrobat 8), Color Space: CMYK, ICC Profile: Use document profile, and Embed ICC profile. Please let me know if you need anymore information from me.
  3. I am new to Affinity Designer and am working on a laptop with Windows. I have created a design and when I export it to pdf, the colors appear considerably different. How do I resolve this issue? Thank you

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