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  1. Yes, ideally Photoshop would be the best tool for this kind of work, but we don't have the budget. My supervisor already told me that I will have a license of Affinity Photo, so I think it's time to practice it! Is there some method of having the shadow sharp at the "feet" of the entourage, and making it blurrier towards the "head"?
  2. I can use that method (indeed, that's what I normally do together with the distort tool. The problem is that the shadow is not sharp near the point the object touches the "ground", and becomes increasingly blurrier,i.e.; I can't control the slope of sharpness/blurriness with this method...
  3. Thank you very much for your detailed answer. The results I'm trying to obtain are these: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EJ7UAzFv17c Do you know if this kind of image manipulation (or similar) is possible with Affinity Photo? I'm still using the distort method in Photoshop (which I suppose exists also in Affinity Photo), but it's far from ideal, specially when the images are complex, i.e., containing several people.
  4. Hi there! I am an architect, and was thinking of asking the company I work for to buy Affinity Photo, since it's much cheaper than Photoshop, and has almost all the same tools. I have a doubt, however: does it have a section for 3d modelling? It would be important to me, not because of the 3d per se (I use Rhino and Blender for that), but because I can create realistic shadows of my entourage within 3d mode of Photoshop. Can I replicate the same worflow in Affinity Photo?

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