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  1. Yup sounds like what happened to me as a restart didn’t fix mine either, the file is probably corrupted somehow.
  2. Many thanks for fixing it! So that particular curve was copy-pasted in, so I didn't download the icon and then import it. But after that, I didn't copy-paste the icon again to other pages in the document. I can't remember if I copy-pasted the layer on the Master D slide, there might have been the original layer from which I had duplicated the pinned curve but deleted the original layer after I had finished editing the pinned curve. What I did do was pin it to the accompanying text, I clicked around pin inline with text first and float pin. (affinity publisher is still relatively new to me). I opened the pinning tab from studio, and I remember experimenting with most of the settings there for that icon. And I also experimented with resizing it and adjusting it's position, shifting its shape, and added colour adjustments to it, from the designer and photo personas. So in those personas I experimented with a bit of the styles tab (gel, neon etc), played around with the fill/gradient tool and flood fill tool, before realising i could just add a colour adjustment layer to it. But I hit 'undo' quite a lot and before I added the adjustment layers the changes I had made experimenting with the colours I had hit undo to before those changes were made if that makes sense. I can't remember if I duplicated pages 12 & 13 in the pages list and then made adjustments or if I just inserted the Master D onto a new spread and made adjustments to that. I think I had just inserted Master D and made any small adjustments because I'm pretty sure I had already set the colour adjustment layers to that icon in Master D beforehand. This entire document did come from a previous version of the publisher file that I still have, as in: edited that previous document and saved as a new separate document and made changes to this new one which has now become corrupted. However Master D was never in the old document, it was added as part of this new document. - YES and no, you may not see it..
  3. My Publisher document crashes on save, upon opening the file up it says one of the resources have been altered outside affinity, but it hasn't and the file is embedded (it's an eps file). Anyway when making a change and saving it just crashes. looks like the file is corrupted. the thumbnail on my macbook pro's Finder window shows the affinity publisher logo instead of a preview thumbnail of the file like other working publisher files. What should I do. Many thanks,
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