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  1. Hi Chris, I'm seeing similar softness in RAW imports and general stability has gone backwards with the latest IOS update. I haven't processed a single image that hasn't crashed the app at some point. The RAW persona is reasonably stable with the exception of the elliptical overlay which doesn't work at all. The Photo and Selection personas are randomly killing the app. Adjusting filters, adjustment layers, selections. Not anyone in particular. Adjustments I regularly: (all have randomly crashed the app at some point) clarity high pass shadows/highlights vignette Filter I regularly use: (all have randomly crashed the app at some point) B&W B/C Colour Balance Curves Levels Recolour Selective Colour (crashed the app a lot) Shadows/Highlights Split Toning I use other filters but they have not crashed the app yet: Exposure White Balance Vibrance Been a very unproductive couple of days.
  2. Panorama: 4 DNG files, 2/3rd overlap, 3 minutes to produce preview, + 12 minutes to complete stitch, + 3 minutes to apply = 18 minutes. I’m using a 9.7 ipad pro. the files are 44mb.
  3. I’ve had several crashes applying levels adjustments in the photo persona this morning processing the above HDR image.
  4. I also tried it with 2 files because one had an artifact that was not in the other 2. 15.5 minutes.
  5. Good question. I tried a HDR merge of 3 DNG files this morning. 17 minutes. I’ll test the others over the next couple of days.
  6. Thanks Chris. There are a number of other bugs, not as repeatable, i think i’ve seen posts for most of them: Stitching and stacking very slow Stitching will work after a restart of the ipad but not before. usually on the second image. Crashing during stitching and stacking not consistent, do a restart and it will work. Crashing when applying a vignette (develop and photo persona), do a restart and it will work the next time. I also saw some colour banding the other day but can’t remember what I was doing at the time. I’ll take more notice next time I see it.
  7. elliptical overlay crashes the app every time in version 1.7.3 of the photo app when editing DNG files in the develop persona.
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