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  1. Thank you. This helps a lot. Especially the Artboard solution. Only the export-settings for many Artboards are stil very bad. Imagine doing this copy and paste a 100 times in an iconfile. I hope they improve this part in Affinity Designer.
  2. Hi there, I’m currently in the process of evaluating the Affinity apps to replace the Adobe-subscriptions for me and some colleagues. Photo and Designer look very promising so far (Publisher not yet). Actually I’m using Affinity Designer to replace Illustrator for over a year now, doing more and more real client work. But there is one thing I think is too complicated/cumbersome compared to Illustrator and I almost can’t believe this isn't easier in Affinity Designer. That’s exporting. I often have a file with many Artboards (for iconfonts). I need to export individual SVG-files for every Artboard. When I go to the Export-Persona, I can change the export settings for every Artboard in the Slices-palette. But I have to do this for every single Artboard. Is there no way to just export all checked Artboards as SVGs (or whatever) or change the settings all together and not individually? And while I am at it: Is there a way to make a new document with, let’s say 100 Artboards of the same sice, neatly ordered with a certain distance in rows and columns. In Illustrator I can do that right in the New-File dialog. In Affinity I copied and layed out the Artboards by hand. I Hope someone can help me to overcome the last hurdles and rid of Adobe ;-) Thanks a lot.