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  1. Hi, I tried to create a pdf template for goodnotes with Publisher. in principle nothing wild, simply a DinA4 landscape format but, with dots instead of checks or lines. i first defined the grid, told the magnetic alignment to react only to the grid and then set a first dot (with middle alignment). When trying to add the dots of the first row I have massive problems to copy and paste them. A previously created grid and the activation of the magnetic alignment is simply ignored by the software. if I want to align the single points of the first row manually to the correct position it jumps with the arrow keys times 7 mm, times 8mm or times 9mm. that means if i select the a single dot and tap to the right to get a value like e.g. 40 mm it jumps to 39,7 mm one arrow further to the right to 40,5 mm if you have arranged all points of the first rows and then grouped them to copy them into the following rows, the points don't stay at the original position but are shifted 1mm to the right or down. all in all very uneven. i hope it is understandable what i mean by this, i am not a graphic designer ,... only an "experienced" ex adobe user. i wonder about the inaccuracy and wonder if i just did something wrong. did i?