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  1. So I updated Affinity Photo and Designer a few weeks ago and everythings was fine. The last week I didnt use them, then yesterday I tried starting them and nothing happend. When looking into taskamanager Designer/Photo appears for a few seconds as a background process and disappiers again. I then tried repairing, reinstalling 1.72 and installing an older version(1.71), the results where the same every time - nothing happend accept the little loading circle obove the cursor showing up. To make sure I wasn't doing anything wrong I set up a VM and installed Designer 1.72 with the same file I used on my real maschine and it worked. I tried copying over every directory with Affinity in it's name on to my real maschine hoping one of them was missing or had not been deleted with uninstalling the program and nothing changed. I really have no idea why the applications aren't starting up anymore, also no idea how this could be fixed else then reinstalling Windows, I really hope there is a better solution out there. Thanks for any help! Down
  2. I just uninstalled everything Windows allowed me to uninstall, so everything probably all of those in the first picture and the ones still installed are in the second picture.
  3. OK I GOT IT Had to uninstall a few more updates but now it's working! Thank you SCIN!
  4. Just to be clear again, I got this problem without KB4515384 installed yet, so that doesn't seem to be the issue for me. Also in the VM, it's working with and without the update installed.
  5. Also just noticed Microsoft store had a similar problem, which I just fixed with clearing the stores' cache (https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4027338/microsoft-store-does-not-launch), though I am clueless if this could have any connection.
  6. So I tried everything you said Lee and even with avast shield turned off it's still not working. Also uninstalled KB4515384 and still nothing.

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