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    Masking and Brush Errors

    Here is a photo of my current status in the app:
  2. Gavin Aquila

    Pixel Layers Help

    Hi All, I am new to Affinity Photo and was wondering how you could paint in an empty text layer. I ask because I want to add internal smudging to a specific text png, but I don’t want it the smudge to be merged with the actual text. I want the actual smudging to be a segregated pixel layer under the text layer so that I could deselect it to adjust it. I provided an example from a YouTube GFX video of part of what I want to do. Notice how the pixel layers have smudging. For some reason, I can’t paint over empty pixel layers in the app. I notice the pixel layers in the photo say “unnamed.” Does that have anything to do with my problem?
  3. Hi All, I am relatively new to Affinity Photo, but I’m not new to photo editing apps. Recently, I’ve tried to recreate the dispersion effect within the app. (the same shown in this video: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=PSF-k_lnSgA&t=192s) However, whenever I attempt to actually recreate it, my paintbrush is instantly disabled. This usually happens when I attempt to paint over the mask that covers the image that isn’t liquified. Without glitches, the mask would disappear wherever I would paint over it, as it is white and my paintbrush stroke black. For some reason, it just disables the paintbrush all together, and when it does start working (after I edit the layers in the Layers Studio) it just paints over the mask and the image beneath it. I included a cropped photo below. I am unable to paint black over the mask that’s in the selected layer, or vice verse (unable to paint white over the black mask, which is the second layer).