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  1. Quick update … after some experimentation, I did go back and added the +1 to the Y axis snip point for each crop, as I found the initial one pixel overlap to be noticeable on IG when doing a slow swipe on phones. Adding the +1 does provide a more seamless transition between pictures. It's not totally seamless, as IG treats each segment as a separate photo, but close enough. To share an example...remember we want to maximize IG's photo dimensions without causing a server side resizing...vertical is then 1350, never changes...max horizontal is 1080. So when cropping a wide image, first snip ends at 1080, second snip starts at 1081 and ends 1080 pixels later, third snip starts at 2162 and ends 1080 pixels later, etc. Here's my first panorama post on IG as an example...oooh, and we get to see how the Affinity message boards handles embedded viewing too! Nice.
  2. Sooo...thanks a bunch for the quick replies. It pointed me in the right direction...I realized that I knew zip-zero-nada about slices and export personas, and found the help video on that (link below), and was able to export 5 sequential snips of my pano to the right dimensions with the right cropping. Summary of my process... Pano image is created in camera, not stitched, so it's just a big wide file import into LR Do main image editing in LR along with other photos. Export to JPG. Affinity Photo: Resize image to 1350 height. Crop or expand vertical as needed (I love the Affinity how-to video on expanding!). Go into Export persona Create 1080px wide slices across images. I used snapping to get precise on the upper left to begin the selection, estimated width by eye, then used the little transform box to get pixel precise on each width. I didn't worry about adding the +1 to each segment...since folks swipe anyway to see each image in progression, the impact was negligible in my test post. For my particular pano, I had 5 slices with some real estate left over on the right which I wanted to keep in the image. So I moved all the slices over to the far right, knowing the far left part of the image would be cropped out. Click the Export Slices button...and done Then move the photos over to phone and upload to IG. I was going to use that "upload to IG from your desktop" using the Chrome developer tools trick, but looks like IG wised up to it and removed it from their interface. (If you use Chrome, open Developer Tools, then click on the toggle device toolbar icon on the upper left.) Thank you!
  3. Howdy...still learning the finer details of Affinity Photo...I'm using on Windows...trying to post a panorama on Instagram using the multiple sequential photo technique. Danged if I can figure out the guide system for nicely creating equi-distance widths so I can crop the wide pano down into multiple images. I'm hoping there's a nice way to setup the guides on the pano, then have Affinity Photo crop down the segments into their own individual files. Lots of video tutorials for PS on how to do this, and of course I do my work in Affinity. Image is set to 1350 height (max required by IG before they do their own resizing). Want to set up each width segment to 1080. Could someone share a quick step by step pretty please? I've been through the nicely done tutorials on the web site, this angle isn't covered anywhere. Thank you!
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