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  1. hi folks, i know customizable keyboardshortcuts are on the roadmap ... i am looking forward to it! as a german designer, on my keyboard producing the shortcout "APPLE - ALT - SHIFT - ]" to bring an object to the front (or back, don't remember), simply is not useable, because my keyboard-layout has hidden the "]" behind the combination ALT + 6 and so on. i hope that affinity puts a german/french/spanish ... native to create the necessary shortcutsets, when they are far enough with the development. ... otherwise, i offer my services for free, of course. but until then you can use the VERY HELPFUL app "a better touch tool" to trigger AD-commands and convert them to something more suitable ... or vice versa: trigger your custom commands, when you use AD an convert them to AD-commands. a better touch tool helped me a lot with AIs half-working keyboard-shortcut-customization. cheers ... flo http://www.bettertouchtool.net
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    yeahi! symbols! looking so forward to it ... and does AD import symbols from AI-files? this would be best news ever ....
  3. hi affinities, i opened a very huge illustrator cs6-file (containing the whole ctiymap of augsburg, bavaria, size about 50mb). everything worked as fine as it could, but somehow AD lost layer information from the AI-file, which is very hard, because i used layers to divide the different types of roads and so on ... can the reason be, that the file ist so huge? or is it simply another bug. please feel free to compare the screenshots i made for you. second thing is, when i ask AD to create a colour library from the document, it creates hundreds of shades of the colours i used in illustrator. how does it come? but i have to make a compliment: with this file ... AD is approximately 10 times faster than illustrator. what a performance-expereince. i love this software. and what would be very great for people who have to deal with such sort of files: advanced selection tools like "select everything, that has the same fontstyles or colour or ..." a feature like this could help las tquestion: why did AD loose the colour library from the document? because i named all colours in illustrator (big roads, middle roads, parks, etc.) and it would have been easy to recollect the objects, when i could tell AD "collect me all objects with colour "big road" ... and, of course, i miss "paragraph styles", character styles" and so on ... it would have been great, if AD would be able to im port this stuff from AI ... 20150522-layers in affinity.tiff20150522-layers in AI CS 6.tiff