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  1. Than maybe this is also the case with my 60 macro from Tamron. It has the same problem. strange that after develop, the jpg is showing the correct info. I think we cannot do much about that.
  2. Hi Guys, I noticed that the storage for Photo is now 11gb. Which is strange because both the Affinity Photo folder is empty and I don’t have any photos on the Affinity Photo start page / desktop. Is it keeping some kind of cache? Can I clear it someway? Thx H.
  3. Hi Gabe, I am sorry for responding so late. Here is the original RAW file. IMG_3709.cr2
  4. Hi All, I think I ran into a snag, I think it is a bug. In the RAW development persona the RAW info displayed in the upper left corner is not correct. The lens info shows the wrong lens info. In the exif info display menu option on the right, the correct info is displayed. After development the info is still ok in the other personas. I added a screenshot. I am running 1.7.2 on IOS 12.4 and IPad AIr 2 64GB.
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