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  1. Thank you, that helped a lot. I didn't know there was this "assistant" panel I guess anything that has what I consider "tools" in it. IDK maybe toolbox was not the best choice of a word but I generally mean any panel when I say toolbox, be it Adjustments, Layers or Histogram or anything else. When I talked abut resizing I meant specifically the Sources panel and (not)being able to resize it up or down when it's attached. Here is what I mean: 2019-09-01 22-23-25.mp4
  2. Hi, I'm relatively new to affinity (been using it for a couple days really..) the program is amaizing but there are already a few things I'd love to see improve . Blends Ranges - These are SOOO useful, I've edited like 3 photos in affinity and used them in each one. One thing I'd like to see is seperate Blend Ranges for each "option" in Adjustment layers. For example if I use the channel mixer in LAB mode Id like to be able to change the Lightness and set up a blend factor for that, than switch to the AOpponent and set up a seperate blend range for it (Blend Range options currently only have master,R,G&B seperation no matter what). Similarly in HSL if I target the Reds I'd like to create a blend range for them specifically and than be able to target the Cyans having a different blend range for them. As it is currently I need to make a multiple adjustment layers to achive this and while it's not that big of a deal and I don't think it's significantly hurting the software performance I'd prefer to have it all in one layer so I don't get lost which one is which (yes I know you can name them...). HSL Colourwheel - This is a minor nitpick but it would be nice if I could make it a little larger, perhaps by stretching the HSL window. It's just a little fiddly on a 4K display and probably more so on larger ones. Idk, I'm probably the only one that has this problem . Generally some kind of upscaling option for the GUI would be nice, maybe it's there but it's too small for me to see? Pleas halp- Toolboxes - It would be nice to have a toolbox for the Live Filers layers the same way we have one for Adjustment layers, pretty self explantaory. I would also like to be able to resize the Sources toolbox when it is attached to the side, not sure if this is a bug but it is currently impossible to resize it and it is pretty small. Also when I select the little eye icon to isolate a source and select one, the toolbox scrolls back all the way to the top (when it's attached to the side - not free floating) which makes previewing each source in order very inconvinient. Preferances - Finally I'd like to have some more options in preferances, a couple I have in mind right now (and I'm sure there is more that other people could think of) would be to have Live Filters appear as seperate layers instead of masks same way Adjustment layers do, yeah it itakes 2 clicks to detach them but if I could just set a preference for it in options it'd be nice. I'd also like to disable those sugested setting opening up in Adjustment Layers toolbox, they are not very useful most of the times and it's frustrating to close them down. If you've made it this far, thanks for reading through all this - I'm honestly impressed you could be bothered.
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