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  1. Hi firstdefence, thank you for your time. Very much appreciated. I have just looked through your history. It seems you have done quite a bit of work! I wish there was an easier way to do this, as it seems like a lot of work for what I would have assumed to be an easy task. I am experimenting now, so I will post back when I have more queries. Cheers.
  2. Hi, first post here. I really like Affinity Photo! Anyway, I wish to create a 3D torus shape. I understand that Affinity Photo doesn't have the 3D feature found in the full Photoshop, but is there a way to get a "3D" effect for a torus shape, kind of like how you can get a "3D" effect for a circle (to a sphere) when you click on Distort and then Spherical. I am trying to create a torus/donut-shaped planet, so it's not just a matter of it being a 3D torus. I have created a 3D torus in Microsoft 3D paint (which I could not properly paint with the planet texture, for some reason), but the actual planet texture needs to be 3D for when I am painting in Affinity Photo, otherwise it just paints over the 3D torus. I COULD have the image flat (like a Birdseye view looking at the hole in the centre), but I would like to have the torus planet diagonally on its side, and when I try to do this (for example, using the perspective tool), all I get is this flat-looking image. Not only is it flat, but the texture in the centre doesn't really "curve" as such. I have already created some cool-looking traditionally-spherical planets, so I am at least adept with that task. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.