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  1. I appreciate your time Dan C! (What a great service). I leave the files here, and with what they have commented, I will review them carefully. Hey, taking advantage of your virtual presence and talking about another topic, do you think that in future versions of A.Designer you can export to .AI? What happens is that I fell in love with this software, but on my work team they still cling to using the Adobe family, so, for compatibility, I am chained to .AI. It would be something great please ca18b39f-78ae-419a-897a-a08bc0161781.dmp ce290159-74ca-422b-b5b5-1af39a4afe80.dmp
  2. Affinity community, I currently use your vector program and I have had performance problems, that is, it is constantly in a state of shock and sometimes it closes completely, it bothers me a bit. I use Windows and the specifications of my computer are not bad; 16 GB of RAM, Nvidia graphics, disc SSD, so my only conclusion is that the root problem with the software. I would love to know how I can resolve or if there will be updates to correct soon.
  3. Some time ago I acquired the affinity software and I am was very pleased with its operation, unfortunately, my work team they still do not decide to change and continue with the Adobe suite. In order not to make the story long, it would seem appropriate for me to add an "section" of export to Adobe Illustrator to affinity designer software.It would help me too much to export directly because my colleagues and boss use A.I and it is difficult to pass them the files that I generate in A.F
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