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  1. I believe I figured it out. If while using the "Leading override" under the Character view, and then try to adjust the "Paragraph Leading" under the Paragraph Viw, some wonky things can happen, particularly while the text is justified. It seems the overlap and redundancy is an issue there, and some other places regarding the coloring options of shapes v. text. But maybe just me. I'm having another issue trying to separate my pages from a two-page view to one-page in order to print each side starting on a right side with facing pages. I'll upload the larger file size to the dropbox you've posted there. I appreciate the help. J
  2. "There was a problem processing the upload file. -200" @R C-R
  3. Thanks, Dan C. There appears to be a problem uploading either a PDF or an afpub file. I'd prefer to keep the text justified as it looks cleaner with the square wrapped text. Once I've initially set a text and then come back to edit, every time without fail the line spacing is off. Is there not a simple line spacing options where the text can be highlighted and then adjusted? Thanks Dan C.
  4. Managing the text in Publisher is EXTREMELY janky. Once the initial text is set, when resizing an adjacent image or shape, the wrapping goes haywire, with line spacing cramps and the tracking goes to hell. The initial tool to space lines, Leading Override, is clumsy and unsophisticated. I really can't figure out the glitchy logic between the spacing jumps. The photo shows the adjusted text once I inserted the photo and wrapped the text. I'm hoping I'm missing something here. If I am it's not obvious.
  5. When i am constructing text boxes, no matter how I go about it, the text is mirroring the text frame wen i change frame effects. How can I get the text to remain the standard text and the frame to undergo the effect?
  6. Hey all, When I'm creating either a shape or using a framing tool and then converting them to text frames, or if I just draw a text frame, when I add effects (ex. Bevel/Emboss) to the Text Frame, the text in the frame takes on the same attributes. Even if I make the adjustments before adding the text, as soon as I c/p text in to the Text Frame, the mirroring occurs. At this point I've just been layering a text box over a transparent shape, but this seems cumbersome for what is otherwise in other programs a simple fix. Thanks!
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