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  1. Finally solved it. After much tinkering and exploring, I stumbled into Character - Decorations and discovered that there was a decoration added to the text. No idea how that happened! This had the effect of bolding the text. I removed the decoration and all text is now displaying correctly. As I said, I'm new and this is very complex software but obviously has fantastic potential.
  2. Thanks for the replies gentlemen. Raised Caps is an option in PPX8 when you select Drop Caps. OB's work around would achieve the same thing though I don't quite follow all you said about creating the style with a zero space. I'm new to this, just trialling Affinity Publisher to assess how difficult it would be to move from PPX8. Regarding the font rendering and leaving aside the Bold issue, I still see a significant difference between PPX8 and AFP in rendering even regular fonts. I've attached a screen grab of a selection including Times New Roman and Arial. This is not an artifact of my screen as I printed out samples direct from both PPX8 and AFP and got the same result in hard copy.
  3. Fonts do not render the same as in PagePlus X8. Bold and regular are practically indistinguishable and fonts look heavy and fuzzy. They look fine in PagePlus X8. Also, in X8 I can apply Bold to any font even if the bold version is not installed e.g. Nyala. This is not possible in Affinity Publisher. Also, raised caps does not seem to be an option in Publisher. Font Rendering Issue.afpub Font Rendering Issue.ppp
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