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  1. I have found that there is inconsistencies when coming to saving the image that has been edited. Sometimes I find the file name defaults to “untitled” when coming to save image, image is imported from WD My Cloud every time in the same way. Also importing from iCloud has same issues. Please see screen shots for examples.
  2. Hi Chris B I have attached the RAW file I’m working with for you to have ago with. I am using healing brush, patch tool and inpainting brush on a duplicated layer to do some basic healing. I am then creating a new pixel layer and then merging visible to this layer, I am then using frequency separation filter and then using the healing brush to even out skin tone. I can’t even use the brush tool to even out the skin as it won’t let me brush and copy the area I want to correct without extreme lag, I get no red mask to show where i have brushed and takes so long to apply I don’t even know if it’s happened for around 10seconds! and it gets worse after each brush stroke. Hope that helps IMG_0067.CR2
  3. I am also finding that is very laggy, I am trying to edit portrait raw file from canon 5dmk2 and when using iPad Pro 2016 9.7 on ios 12.4. My lag is while trying to use brush controls after having more than a couple of layers in play. Using any live filter like frequency separation just kills the work flow waiting sometimes 4-7 seconds for the stroke register, i have tried using Apple Pencil and by finger. Trying to use Macro studio is also painfully slow to apply just a 9 layer action and is then uneditable. Also I have noticed that the blue highlight has disappeared when you select a layer mask, so impossible to know if it’s selected to make your adjustments.
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