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    Problem loading new brushes

    Thanks, PaulEC, I agree with your comments. As of today 9/11/19 the Abr. problem still has not been fixed. I cannot add any new brushes to the new version of Affinity Photo. I still have to use Photoshop to use the new brushes. So I am switching back and forth between the two programs..."not good" I would like to hear from others users with this problem, I don't think I'm the only one???
  2. gregory ciencin

    CanĀ“t import brushes

    Same problem here. I also downloaded the new version and now are unable to add new brushes. I posted question today and I'm waiting for a reply from Affinity.
  3. gregory ciencin

    Problem loading new brushes

    I downloaded four different brushes from Brusheezy.com (24 Cloud brushes by Mila Vasileva), (20 Powder PS Brushes ABR Vol.3), (20 Water Texture Brushes) and (20 Dispersion PS Brushes Abr Vol 15). After trying several times to download them into Affinity, I decided to downloaded all these files into my Photoshop elements 2018. No problem, they loaded and work fine in Photoshop. Still unable to load them into Affinity Photo.
  4. I downloaded the new version of affinity photo two days ago. I tried to add some new brushes which I downloaded from Brusheezy.com (4 different brushes all Abr. files) The brushes will not load. I keep getting this message "Error importing brushes". Cannot find any information or help on this problem. Are other people having this problem? Using Affinity Photo 1.7.7700 , Windows 10 Home, 64 bit, I7, 3.60Ghz

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