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  1. I went ahead, a few days ago, and started over from scratch on a new document, and have been able (thus far, at least) to avoid the problem, by following the advice listed in this thread. Additionally, I went ahead and purchased Affinity Publisher, even though there's still a lot about the program that I have not yet mastered, nor even attempted to utilize, as of yet. The videos that I watched were helpful and instrumental in my purchase decision, as was this forum and the advice provided by various forum users here. One feature that I would like to see, assuming that I did not just outright overlook it, is an option to add a caption to images and photos that I insert into a document when using Affinity Publisher. Ultimately, I opted to publish the first document that I created using Affinity Publisher while foregoing the use of image captions, but a quick and convenient way to inset image captions is an option that I think that many would find to be useful. Affordability and pricing scheme were also other factors that weighed heavily in my purchasing decision.
  2. Here is a screenshot of one such instance. The font was set at 16 point Verdana. The text portion circled in red decided to convert itself to 13 point Verdana. Sometimes, certain portions of the article would increase to 20 point size. Granted, perhaps it is due to something that I've done intermittently and repeatedly over a span of several hours in back-to-back repeats. Yet, that indicates to me that it is capable of repeating itself, whether by myself or others. I think that I have six more days left in my trial period. Hopefully, I can sort it out by then.
  3. Yesterday, I actually ended up starting completely over on the entire document. The problem kept on reoccurring. I will try again, this evening, but it certainly isn't very user-friendly, whereas much of the program is. If, as you say, the program doesn't tell you that there's a problem, and if there's no way to reset an object which got scaled wrong, that strikes me as a rather poor design of that particular "feature."" The core problem, for me, is that it is a deal breaker, on the purchasing end of things. If it does this, it's usefulness plummets dramatically. Of course, with any new product, there will be things that need to be smoothed out. The program certainly has a lot of very nice features. I have found the videos to be helpful. I appreciate being able to draw on the forum as a resource, also. I do, however, need to be able to consistently control the font size in documents created with Affinity Publisher.
  4. The text frames, themselves, are already set. I'm not trying to use a handle to change the text size with. I've been clicking inside of the text box, and even tried CTRL-A to highlight all text that I want to set the size for, to no avail. Is there no quick and easy way to get all of the text for an article across multiple pages set to the same size, without spending hours fighting it back and forth? I've even tried starting over from scratch, several times. I appreciate any help.
  5. I've spent most of the day playing around with Affinity Publisher. However, I am encountering a problem, and I am continually fighting the program to keep font in text columns the same font size. Everything will be fine, and then a sentence or a few sentences change either up or down in size, in the middle of the article. Truly, it's maddening, since I spend more time going backa nd forth, changing the font size back to the correct size, over and over and over, again. Even copying the text from a text editor doesn't help. Any ideas?
  6. That's a lot of clicks, to do something so simple, but your reply certainly increases the chance that I will buy the software, Lee. My personal thanks!
  7. Is it possible to make an image into a link?