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  1. Think I found the issue. It's to do with overlocking, however I can't get advertised clock speed for my ram if I don't overclock them. Will need to play around. At least I think it's the rams. But I also reduced cpu clock as well.
  2. Hi Stokerg, I'm still having issues with my machine. Had a couple of bluescreens, sometime just a machine restart. I tried to reinstall my drivers countless of times and reinstalled affinity photo many times as well. I'm still having problems. Happens to any .RAF raw files which is the Fujifilm format for X-Trans sensors. I have attached a sample, but it happens to any .RAF for my X-T3 and X-T2 files. Here is one of the entries for Affinity photo not working this morning: Faulting application name: Photo.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x5d56672a Faulting module name: ntdll.dll, version: 10.0.17134.799, time stamp: 0x7f828745 Exception code: 0xc0000374 Fault offset: 0x00000000000f479b Faulting process ID: 0x7c0 Faulting application start time: 0x01d554c5ba1a8ffb Faulting application path: C:\Program Files\Affinity\Photo\Photo.exe Faulting module path: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll Report ID: d432e189-11e9-4f93-99d1-9bfe0af45caf Faulting package full name: Faulting package-relative application ID: A bluescreen error on trying to open Affinity Photo later on in the day: Problem Event Name: BlueScreen Code: be Parameter 1: fffff8085de1dae0 Parameter 2: 9000000d9eba121 Parameter 3: ffff95082944ba60 Parameter 4: a OS version: 10_0_17134 Service Pack: 0_0 Product: 256_1 OS Version: 10.0.17134. Locale ID: 2057 I've attached a copy of Windows 10 Reliability report highlighted potential problems. I've using Eset not as to Windows defender moments ago. Regards, John, DSCF4900.RAF
  3. Hello, I just recently upgraded to a new pc build and Affinity Photo crashes on opening .RAF files from Fujifilm X-T3. Files were opening fine before on my previous machine. I'm using Win 10 Pro 64bit - Nitro+ RX580 8gb and Nvidia Quadro P1000. Ryzen 5 3600, Sabrent nvme, 16gb 3000Mhz, B450M Mortar, 550W psu. .Raf files on in Affinity Designer. I downloaded the latest copy of Affinity Photo and I've also tried the beta version. None of them worked. If you need crash report how do I get you one ? Do you require any other information ? Regards, John,