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  1. Thanks for your reply @firstdefence! I have already found out that I can achieve a very similar results (like the on1 version) with the detail enhancement in the Develop Persona. What astonishes me most is that even the preview app of MacOS is sharper than the unedited version in affinity. The question for me is: Does the preview app in MacOS sharpen the photo or does affinity open the raw files just not sharp enough? It would be interesting to know if the same behavior occurs with other raw files (not from a sony alpha) as well ?!
  2. For me this is reproducible with every raw file (Sony A7III). I enclose another attachment: Again MacOS Preview on left side and Affinity on the right side. Here is a link to this file: https://ufile.io/m59qu3da
  3. Hey guys, I wanted to create a panorama with affinity because my raw converter (on1) lacks in terms of performance for big panoramas. Overall affinity does a really great and quickly job, but the panorama seems to be very unsharp against my version from on1. So I thought that in on1 maybe some automatic sharpening has happen before I even touch the raw. So I opened just one raw (out of the eight from the panorama) in affinity and I opened the same in the default preview app from MacOS. Again, Affinity is not as sharp as the unedited preview app. But this particular image detail was still clearly sharper in a single photo than in the rendered panorama. I know that I have several options for sharpening in Affinity, but how is it possible, that the raw file is so blurry? Do you think the default preview app in MacOS do also a automatic sharpening (and maybe other stuff) when I open a raw file? Enclosed I attach a screenshot from the single raw. On the left you can see the preview of MacOS and on the right the photo in Affinity. Since the sky on the left side is grainy, OSX actually seems to sharpen the preview of the raw file automatically, right? Thank you in advance. Greetings
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