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  1. cwgriffen

    Half-Pixel Bleed

    I just noticed I can change the resolution at the export step -- but then I don't know if it stretches the image (by a tiny amount), and if so, what that does to the quality of the image, if anything.
  2. Using latest Windows version. I'm creating poker-sized (2.5x3.5) cards for Print-on-Demand, with .125 Bleed on each side. When trying to upload the exported PNGs, the GameCrafter POD interface informed me that they were too small: 824x1124 instead of 825x1125. Turns out that Publisher decided to set the Bleed to 37.5 pixels on each side, which mathematically makes sense (.125 inches at 300dpi is 37.5 pixels). But when Publisher exports to PNG, it apparently rounds down to 37 pixels on every side (which also makes sense, because you can't have half a pixel). So I had to manually change the Bleed to 37 left/up and 38 right/down. I'm not sure this is a bug per se, because it all makes sense. But the end result is that the final size doesn't exactly match an actual 300dpi 2.75x3.75 image. And this would probably apply to any size that uses .125 Bleed, which is pretty standard. Maybe the software could notice half-pixel Bleed settings and automatically round up on one side and down on the opposite?

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