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  1. Thanks for pointing this out! I tried this a while ago but missed that you could select the pages you wanted to view from the document Agree with others, it's not a full-alternative to the way InDesign handles it, but it's definitely something. Only problem I found is that it's cropping to the page bounds of my source docs. My source docs have 3mm bleed set - is it possible to include the bleed as an option when importing/viewing? Or do you need to create the source docs with the bleed as part of the spread dims (i.e. 210 x 297mm with 3 mm bleed becomes a 216 x 303mm spread)? Secondly ... I haven't tried this yet, but will these Publisher docs with linked .afpub files export to a print-ready PDF OK? Thanks!
  2. I have a number of multi-page AFPUB files that make up various parts of a ~200 page book. I know there's no 'Book' feature - like InDesign - but wondered if there's any way to batch the export-to-pdf stage? I'm thinking similar to how you might use the Batch feature in AF Photo - to save me exporting each one-by-one. I can automate the newly-created PDF's to merge to one whole after this easily enough - although a 'Book' setup to do this all in one process would be really awesome... Thanks for any help/suggestions in advance.
  3. 3rd-party software ... can you elaborate on this?

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