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  1. Dear MEB, nothing brought me further on. Now Im trying to buy the old version once more from your store, but that seems not possible? The link always leads me to the new version. There is no way to create an account at your store first, either. This is really getting on my nerves. I want the old version back, because that worked for me. How can I buy the product key for the old version I downloaded to test? Best regards Stimmungsbilder1
  2. Hi MEB, thank you very much for your reply. I used the filter as you suggested already in my example. So that doesnt solve the problem. So you mean Affinity cant help to find a solution? Thats disappointing again. Best regards Stimmungsbilder1
  3. Oh super, jetzt habe ich es verstanden-vielen herzlichen Dank Translation: Now I understood, thanks a lot again
  4. Thanks a lot, I will search this clipboard and try my best
  5. Thanks a lot, what is the clpboard? Sorry, I am no Computer expert
  6. Thank you very much, how do I copy and Paste them? That is really nice of you Meanwhile I downloaded the old version again and use it for this 10 day test. But to buy it again cant be the solution. I mean, destroying my workflow with an upgrade and then having to pay again to go back to the roots? I am still waiting for a solution from Affinity, But I guess its Weekend now. If you could explain me how to copy and paste the Filter into the upgraded version I would Be greatful
  7. I now spent the whole afternoon with this problem and I hope, help comes soon.
  8. I tried out and unfortunately I bought it from the Mac App store. Maybe Affinity could give me a product key-I dont want to buy the older version again. If things arent working, this should be fair.
  9. I dont have a backup to the older version.. maybe its an idea to prepare one for disappointed users?
  10. ok, here are two photos after and before denoising everything with 100% - I didnt change anything else on the photo. As you see-almost no or no effect.
  11. Hi, Denoising is not working properly, when using the filter almost no effect appears. Also repeating it makes nothing better. I miss the denoise extreme function. Is there anything I could do to go back to the old filter with this function? Im very disappointed, while I used Affinity mainly to denoise photos.
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