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  1. Got it, Dan. But just to add my 5 cents ;p : as you are not rewriting the whole programs from scratch, it would feel a bit off to charge fully for those who brought them already. A difference should be there between new buyers and loyal customers. We're all used to these politics in the Software market; even tho your Programs are very fairly priced to begin with. But maybe you should start a poll before deciding In my experience this could get hot, if not handled carefully. Thanks for your help. *Goes to learn using Affinity now :)*
  2. Thanks a lot for your help. Having tested all programs now, I'm going to buy into everyone. I hope that the corellike poster print will be implemented with interactivity like in Corel, so that one can adjust the size and position of a print in a print preview window - for normal print as well as print stitching -. The latter is now the only reason for which I can't entirely ditch Corel Draw. But everything else feels so much better Thanks. Just a last question: only full version numbers are making an upgrade that has to be paid necessary, as far as I could find out. But how much does one of those cost usually for all 3 programs?
  3. Hi, I'm new to the Affinity family of products, having bought Affinity Photo. Is it possible to get a poster but only with the standard size of paper in my printer with any of Affinity's programs? In Corel Draw: I was able to stitch the tiles together after printing, to make the poster. Which of your programs is closest to the overall functionality of Corel Draw? I'd like to switch over to Affinity. Is there a way to see a comparison of all three programs, as they seam to have overlapping features? I'd like to see especially what makes Designer and Publisher unique from each other (differences) but also Photo.
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