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  1. Hi Dan, thank you for investigating this issue. The PDF/X 1a document not only prints darker, the same happens in the PDF viewer. Ok, I'm fine with profiles not being embedded, everyone can download them anyway. BUT why are all objects in the PDF file declared as color space "Device CMYK" although I converted all objects in Affinity Photo to "ISO Coated V2"? (I checked every single object in this PDF) Output will be converted to rendering intent which in this case changes the colors since the color profile definitions for source (objects in PDF) and destination (output device) are different. This shouldn't be the case since ALL PDF objects were created with color space "ISO Coated V2". Best regards, Oliver
  2. Hi SrPx, The default CMYK color profile in preferences is set to "ISO Coated V2 (ISO), to be sure I also converted the whole document to this profile. But does not help ... Best rregards, Oliver
  3. Hi Dan, I uploaded a test case into Dropbox, thank you for your help. Best regards, Oliver
  4. I created a Affinity Photo document with color format CMYK/8 and profile "ISO coated V2 (ECI)" which should go to a print service. My problem: The export "PDF (for print)" shows the colors similar to the document in Affinity Photo, but the export "PDF/X-1a:2003" is much darker - both with the mentioned profile embedded. Darker means in a PDF viewer as well as printed out. I tried many things, different CMYK profiles, a very simple document, same result. I analyzed the exported PDFs (with Acrobat preflight) and found a remarkable difference: PDF/X-1a Color space: DeviceCMYK Output intend: ISO Coated V2 (ECI) => Colors darker PDF (for print) - generates "Standard PDF 1.7" Color space ISO Coated V2 (ECI) Output intend: None => Correct colors (similar to Affinity Photo) I would expect the same result for "Color space" and "Output intend" for both PDF types, I think Affinity Photo does the correct work with "PDF 1.7", at least it's what I would expect. I guess the additional translation from (wrong) profile DeviceCMYK to ISO Coated V2 (ECI) causes the different colors - all objects in the document are already ISO Coated V2 (ECI). Am I wrong or is it a bug? Best regards, Oliver