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  1. Hello, Are there any limitations when using Affinity Designer/Photo in the iPad Air 2019 (a.k.a. iPad Air 3) with respect to the new iPad Pro? I have read that RAM is 3GB in Air and 4GB in Pro, and that can be the main constraint of iPad Air (ignoring processor differences). For example, I know that the maximum amount of layers allowed in Procreate is much reduced in the iPad Air. Are there similar limitations like maximum number of layers, canvas size or any other on Affinity apps for iPad? Or it is just that the apps will run more smoothly in the iPad Pro? Does anyone has experience on the performance of Affinity apps in iPad Air vs Pro? I am thinking on buying an iPad Pro 2019 with 256GB of storage. I might be able to stretch a bit my budget to get the iPad Pro but with the smallest storage (64GB), but I would prefer to stick with the cheaper Air if there are not much significant differences in performance, as the Air is already expensive for me. One of the main reasons I am considering to buy an iPad (opposed to Android) is the fact that Affinity apps only exist in iOS. So I would like to be sure that the apps work fine in the model I choose before buying. Finally, is the future lunch of iPadOS going to affect the features (or even the existence of the apps) in the iPad Air 2019 Vs iPad Pro? Thanks!
  2. Yusabar

    Affinity photo crashing on iPad Air 2019

    Has this been finally solved in v 1.7? I am thinking to buy an iPad Air 2019, and I would like to be sure that Affinity apps work fine.

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