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  1. What I was afraid of. Thanks for checking, R C-R. I reckon I'll have to try to reverse engineer a knock-off using the PSD layers, which might not be "smartly objected" but may be supported. Back In the day, I tried to contact the graphic artist on what I thought to be his Facebook page, but did not get an answer. In any event, thanks again!
  2. Thanks very much, R C-R. I'll try importing it. There are no licensing restrictions on that file. It was provided as part of a font/template package with no requirements pertaining to its use and/or distribution, commercial or otherwise, so feel free to give it a look. Having said that, I still intend to include its creator in the credits, as I do for every project.
  3. PS - I should add that I've purchased the license to use the attached PSD file, above.
  4. Hello, I'm an old Mac hand, but a newbie when it comes to Affinity. I have some layered Photoshop PSD files consisting of text and textures. Most of my work is in video editing in FCPX. I'm trying to avoid the expensive Adobe licensing fees for PS, because I wouldn't be using it that much. I was really impressed with the intro to Affinity, both proprietary and clips on YouTube; and especially so for the ability to work with PSD files. I've started in on the Affinity tutorials, but so far have not gotten a handle on how to unlock the different layers of the particular file I'd like to change with my text. And it looks like the learning curve is longer than the deadline allotted for the titles. I'd greatly appreciate any help or advice or steps in how to unpack the layers, if possible, and change the texts within. This is the link to the attached PSD file I'd like to edit: old-movie-01.psd. I'm hoping that once I know how to access the layers (again, if possible) I'll be able to take it from there. In any event, thanks very much in advance for your time and consideration! - All the best, David old-movie-01.psd
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