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  1. Hello Affinity Designer forum, I am an enthusiastic hobbyist on vector graphics and for that I have bought Affinity Designer. Until now I am dabbling around and making some smaller graphics and enjoy the app very much for hobby.Now I am looking to also use it in my professional life as a Quality Liaison Engineer, where I want to make use of graphics in presenting reports, quality figures or livening up a presentation with some fun pictures. For this I would like to know more about working with affinity designer, getting more comfortable with the tools in this beautiful app for my iPad-pro.I live in the Netherlands and am looking for a way to learn more and prefer life training although I also sometimes follow interactive online training as well as see tutorials on YouTube and on the Affinity website. In this I would like to ask you for your to find a good training (both English and Dutch language are ok for me) that will help me getting more proficient working with Affinity Designer and Vector Graphics on the iPad-pro for a not to elaborate fee. Also I would like to ask if there are people who can give me some hints and tips to make more use in my professional life of quality assurance or more like project management and making reports and presentations or in other ways that I not yet have thought about.Thanks in advance for your help and advice in this.Kind regards,Jantheo Dam