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  1. After waiting for YEARS for DXF support with literally no response from anyone at Serif, this feels like a cruel joke to release half a feature. Very disappointing to say the least. DXF import without export is, as tac0man said, pretty useless, so I can only assume there are other complicating factors that make this difficult for Serif to accomplish. Some clear and direct communication about it would go a LONG way toward building goodwill and managing expectations for the future of the Affinity suite. Right now, about 75% of my work in Adobe Illustrator involves both DXF import and export for product design and graphic design for things like labeling, packaging, etc. I don't understand the purpose of building a house with knobs on only one side of the doors.
  2. Still no DXF support in v1.9. Un-f•king-believable. This is like releasing a word processor that won't read .doc files. After more than six years of stalling, can someone from Serif just acknowledge that this isn't on the roadmap so we can move on?
  3. After ignoring this feature request for five years, it seems like Affinity has sent a pretty clear message that serious vector import/export is not a priority for them. It's a pity--literally the one feature that keeps me from dropping Adobe entirely and purchasing the Affinity suite.
  4. Add my request to the list. Lack of DXF import/export is the singular reason I have to keep using Adobe products rather than switch to Affinity. Bummer. Another year of the Adobe tax on the books.
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