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  1. THANKS!! to both R C-R (for individual layer selection) as MEB for how to edit filters! Exactly what I was looking for in both cases!
  2. Hi R C-R, I'm at work right now (I have Affinity at home). By clicking the thumbnail does that only select the layer or does it select the layer AND allow me to edit the filter? Or perhaps you mean, I can click the thumbnail to select the layer and then right click to "edit filter" - sorry...I wish I had it in front of me to try right now so I could ask better questions :) Feel free to ignore me....as I'll try this evening. Thanks for the help!
  3. I'm running Affinity Photo on Windows 10. Version I'm also a new user of Affinity software. I've got a basic rectangle and I've added 2 live filters: Gaussian Blur Procedural Texture I seem unable to edit either. Double clicking either seems to select the entire group/layer as seen in the attached photo. If I right click on the mask and select "Edit Filter" my entire image just turns white (as if all layers are disabled - even though they're all still checked). I can only get my layers back via UNDO. Side note is the only way I've been able to delete a live filter is to "release it" and THEN delete the new layer. Is there a better/faster way? I can disable the filter with a single click but I try to keep my layers/filters organized and remove the ones I don't need. Thanks!
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