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  1. Thanks so much for your prompt reply iaing. The feather illustration is not mine (wish I had the talent and patience) and I have very little experience with gradient mesh. I appreciate how complex the file will be and your explanation makes a lot of sense. I've tried placing an SVG but it appears to be losing some fine detail. I opened the .ai file in Photoshop then re-saved it as a .psd file. That looks fine in Publisher and seems to be the best solution at this stage. I don't yet have Affinity Designer to test that route for the native file. Do you think Affinity Publisher will develop to a stage where it can handle files like this without any tinkering? Thanks again.
  2. Hello, hoping someone might suggest why an Illustrator CS5 native file, when placed into Affinity Publisher would display as a monochrome white image instead of in full CMYK colour. The screen grab attached shows the original file opened in Illustrator on the right side, while on the left is shown the file placed on an Affinity Publisher page, on the page alone and also on a solid magenta panel. Thanks in advance for any help provided. Affinity Feather Test.ai
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